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The town of Cheshunt derives its name from the Old English term “Cestrehunt,” which is recorded in the Domesday Book. The name likely refers to a “castle erected by the Romans,” with “cestre” (and its modern forms, chester and caster) being derived from the Latin word “castrum,” meaning “fort.” This origin is commemorated in the arms of the former Cheshunt urban district council.  Cheshunt was established as a settlement on Ermine Street, the main Roman road that ran north from London. Prior to the Norman Conquest, the manor of Cheshunt was owned by Eddeva the Fair, but William I granted it to Alan of Brittany. The parish church of St Mary the Virgin was first mentioned in a charter from 1146, but it was entirely reconstructed between 1418 and 1448, with a three-stage tower capped by an octagonal turret.
Our services are designed for customers who value reliability
EN Locksmiths Cheshunt mobile services carry a wide range of common household locks in our vans from leading industry brands including Yale, ERA and Union as well as Banham and Union. It allows your locksmith to be able to provide cylinder locks, mortice locks, rim cylinders and more on the spot, so they can complete the job in just one visit on most occasions.

We pride ourselves on the no ‘call-out’ fee policy and aim to get to you within 30 minutes.  We operate and are available 24 hours a day via our hotline. Our work is guaranteed with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and our guarantee on all workmanship.

Our locksmiths are carefully selected and thoroughly trained to handle any situation and with a range of locks and spares can repair or correct most locks within an hour. They are experts in their field and have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively and efficiently address any issues that may arise. We are confident in their ability to provide professional and reliable service in any emergency situation

The locks on uPVC doors are identified by a mechanism that requires users to lift the handles and turn the key to secure them. They are typically installed on double-glazed doors but are now also popular on new composite doors. One advantage of this type of lock is that it secures the door to the frame in three locations (top, bottom, and middle), unlike traditional locks that only have one position. However, the maintenance of these locks can be more complex and expensive if they need to be replaced. The lock itself is similar to a Euro lock cylinder and can be easily replaced with anti-drill and anti-snap locks, which we recommend as a replacement option.

If you have trouble lifting the handles with the door closed, it is usually a sign that the door is not properly shut or that the mechanism controlling the locking process is misaligned with the frame. We recommend that you contact a qualified locksmith to inspect the door and realign it with the frame to prevent costly repairs or potential security risks. You can easily book our locksmiths to adjust and service these locks by calling our office number 0800 707 4203.